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Resource Guide

**I am not affiliated with or receive endorsements of any kind** 

Welcome to the HW Apothicaire Resources page. Here, you'll find a curated guide to trusted health professionals, beloved products, and reputable stores that align with the HW commitment to holistic community healthcare, ancestral traditions, nutrition, and herbalism. My goal is to connect you with the best resources to support your journey towards holistic wellness.

Zero Waste Store

Herbal Shoppes & Resources.

Atlantic Holdfast Seaweed Company, seaweeds


Bane Folk, pain-relief salves & flower essences


Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program, education & safety information 

Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program (

Cambridge Naturals, loose-leaf herbs, supplements & supplies

23 White St. Cambridge, MA


CommonWealth Holistic Herbalism, herb school


Cultivate Elevate, dried medicinal mushrooms

Evanhealy, hydrosols

Florihana, essential oils

Foster Farm Botanicals, loose-leaf herbs

Harmonic Arts, loose-leaf herbs

Herb Pharm, tinctures

Herbal Revolution, tonics (elderberry & fire cider)


Mountain Rose Herbs, bulk herbs and supplies


Octagon Farm, Ghost Pipe tincture

Oshala Farm, loose-leaf herbs & spices


Pacific Botanicals, loose-leaf herbs, spices, seeds

Pranarōm, essential oils


Natura Sophia Spagyrics, tintures

Strictly Medicinal Seeds, seeds & plants


United Plant Savers, education


Urban Moonshine, digestive bitters

Willimantic Food Co-op, bulk herbs, supplies & supplements

91 Valley St. Willimantic, CT


Woodland Essence, flower essences


Custom Formulas & Herbal Compounding.

Raven Crest Botanicals, customized tinctures & teas

Functional Medicine & Healthcare.

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Find a naturopathic doctor near you


The Archive of Healing, education (includes Folkloric Medicine)


Avena Integrative Medical Center, naturopathic care

158 Pomfret St., Putnam, CT.

(860) 963-2250

Jennifer Pennoyer, MD, dermatology/skin cancer


One Womans Health, Rachel Beckmann, pelvic floor specialist


Primary Roots Midwifery, midwifery


The UltraWellness Center, wellness retreat

55 Pittsfield Road, Suite 9, Lenox, MA

(413) 637-9991 


Other Wellness.

Alicia Mazzoni, Massage Therapist at Touch of Bliss Organic Spa

86-88 Park Road, Newington, CT.

(860) 712-7313


Revive365, IV Infusion

112 Westcott Road, Danielson, CT

(860) 785-4255 


Ballet Beautiful 


POPSUGAR, free online workouts

Fertility/birth care.

Primary Roots Midwifery



Erina Lander, Holistic Esthetician at Touch of Bliss Organic Spa

86-88 Park Road, Newington, CT.

(860) 712-7313


New Beauty, cosmetic treatment & doctor guides

Spiritual Shoppes & Charms.
Haus of Hoodoo

1716 St. Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA


Ritual Cravt

7700 W. 44th Ave. Wheat Ridge, CO


Enviromedica, beef liver, and organ meat capsules


Nordic Naturals Professional


Organic India


Ortho Molecular Products


Quinton, Isotonic Seawater Electrolytes


Trace Minerals




Sexual Health & Hygiene.
Chakrubs, sex toys & yoni eggs

The Period Company, period underwear

* Disposable tampons are not sustainable - each tampon takes years to degrade, and if it includes plastic upwards of 500 years! Consider washable and reusable panty liners, underwear, and cups.


Ayla, clean beauty curated from around the world


CAP Beauty, beauty products & edibles


Credo Beauty, beauty products


EWG Skin Deep Database

* Want to know if your personal care products contain harmful ingredients? Search this database to be in the know.


Heretic Parfum


The Nue Company


Providence Perfume Co., perfumery classes


AWAVEAWAKE, plant died silk clothing and intimates


PACT Organics, organic cotton apparel & underwear


Sun Child Silks, repurposed silk jackets and dresses


VivoBarefoot, minimalist footwear

AVOCADO, mattresses & pillows

* Look for mattresses made with organic cotton, green foams, and natural latex. Avoid traditional mattresses that contain toxins harmful to your health including volatile organic compounds, flame retardants, neurotoxin toluene, and formaldehyde. 

Coyuchi, bedding

Techno Hygiene.
Lucia Eyes, blue light-blocking glasses

Ra Optics, blue light-blocking glasses

Saunaspace, red light therapy

Food & Drink.

Addictive Wellness, organic raw chocolate with elixir blends & adaptogens

Assawaga Farm, organic produce & fresh herbs

626 Providence Pike, Putnam, CT


Good Food | Tight Budget Shopping Guide

Misfits Market
, organic produce delivered


Northstar Bison, 100% grass-fed and finished meat products,

222 Birch Avenue, Cameron, Wisconsin, USA


Pique, Sun Goddess Matcha ceremonial grade quadruple screened for purity

Purity Coffee, Swiss Water processed decaf coffee

Westview Farm, 100% grass-fed and finished beef

209 Prospect St., Woodstock, CT

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