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Welcome to the HW Apothicaire Education & Consults page. Here, you can discover a wealth of opportunities to deepen your knowledge and receive personalized guidance in holistic healthcare, ancestral traditions, nutrition, and herbalism. I offer guidance to individuals and companies large and small regarding all things herbalism. 

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Education & Consults

Personal Herbal Trainings

HW Apothicaire offers private herbal training/classes virtually and/or in person (depending on location) to beginner and intermediate students. Each session is tailored to the individual and their learning preferences.

Group Classes

Book an herbal party or group workshop with HW Apothicaire. Themes have included (and are not limited to) herbal cocktails and mixology; DIY herbal beauty products 101; and cooking with herbs. 

Botanical Consults

HW Apothicaure offers guidance, backed by scientific research, in the art of designing custom herbal blends for beverages, supplements, and more.

Guided Herb &

Nature Walks

Herbal identification and nature walks are offered on a seasonal basis to those who live in Eastern Connecticut, USA.


HW Apothicaire offers a wide range of herbal and health workshops open to booking by local businesses and organizations. Will consider fundraising events free of charge. 


Corporate classes in-person or virtually are available. Classes have included (and are not limited to) holistic wellness in the workplace; nutrition and fitness promotion. 


To learn more, and to receive a free quote, email Ashley at

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