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32nd International Conference on Nutraceuticals and Natural Medicine


Impacts of Early Colonialism on Herbal Traditions in New England by Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy

Abstract: Overwhelming rates of chronic disease persist in the United States, and disproportionately among Native Americans and other socially disadvantaged. Early patterns of colonialization, racism, sexism, and policy are to blame for the disconnection to preventative health, social and spiritual wellbeing, and herbal practice seen today. Historical records and artifacts about early herbal traditions can be used to garner interest in culturally relevant preventative health practices and understand the root causes of health disparities seen today.

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Witch Way Magazine


Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy is featured in the New Orleans based Witch Way Magazine:

  • "Witch's Pie" April 2021 Coven Issue Vol. 71

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Rhode Island Herb Festival


September 17-19, 2021 Camp Aldersgate, Scituate, RI. The Rhode Island Herb Festival is a three-day event that will include classes, workshops, community circles and more herbal fun! Join Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy Saturday 9:30-10:30 AM for her medicine-making class to learn about the healing power of plants, and how to cultivate plant allies.


International Witches Magazine


Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy authored:

  • "Crafting Indigenous Medicine" Spring 2021 Issue 4

  • "Shadow Beauty" Winter 2020 Issue 3

  • "Samhain Medicine & Ancestral Connection" Autumn 2019 Issue 2

  • "Rose Medicine" Summer 2019 Issue 1

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Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy is featured in the Black & White Anniversary Edition of VisualMag July 2020.

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Boston Women's Market

Meet the Founder

Check out Ashley B. Murphy's interview with Boston Women's Market. Ashley is featured in their Founder Series, which spotlights the Best of New England women-owned and operated businesses. 

The Travel Witch Blog

Guest Blogger

The Travel Witch features Ashley Bissonnette-Murphy. Check out her article Level Up Your Travel Wellness.

Check out the Travel Witch

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Brave Daughters Providence, RI

Glamour Magic + Clean Beauty 

May 17, 2020 2-4 PM hosted by the Brave Daughters, Providence, RI. In this workshop, we cover how to find your style sustainably, create and find clean make-up, honor our bodies, and how to use glamour magick. Glamour magick is radical self-care, finding our sensuality and connecting to our most bold, unapologetic, and confident selves to create the life we envision.


  • Learn how to find clean beauty. Bring your beauty bag, together let's learn what really is in those makeup and skincare products!

  • Beauty herbalism. Herbs for dealing with your biggest beauty woes. 

  • Beauty recipes 101 to nurture your body

  • Style tips to connect to your bold, unapologetic, and confident self sustainably 

  • How to use glamour magic

  • Rituals for honoring our bodies and amplifying your sensuality

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