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2022 Health Inspo

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

This year I forgo the fear, self-doubt, and work that does not spike that dopamine – that all out-passion play. I’m having fun and demanding the space to do it. I am reflective and demanding the time to do it. I am surrounding myself with beauty and not apologizing for it. I love beauty and believe it not to be frivolous – if you truly feel good, you look good. Don’t hold beauty as the pursuit of the few, it is for everyone, and you must define your personal standards. Now, that is easier said than done: it is an exercise of self-acceptance and cultivating a knowingness that you deserve what is best for you physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially – and you are going to flaunt it for all to see.

Need a little inspo?

Age is no matter. Norma Kamali at the age of 76 young is killing it in creative fashion and health inspiration. Just check out her book I am Invincible, chock-full of health inspiration cultivated from her knowledge through the decades. Oh, and what about Mae West in her 60’s ca. 1950 with her entourage of beautiful musclemen!?!

Cookie Cutter Faces. You don’t need cookie-cutter facial features to be beautiful. Hell, why would you erase the beautiful features that tie you to your long line of ancestors – wear your skin proud! Think about Cleopatra with her hooked nose – she owned it and became the most well-known seductress of all time!

Modesty. Choose how you “feel” in clothing or lack thereof. How much to reveal is your personal choice. Period. The beautiful Agnes Sorel, the lover to King Charles VII of France in the mid-1400’s or the siren Josephine Baker in 1920 Paris did not apologize for their feminine gifts, nor should you! If you want to go that far…

Weight. “Oh I’ll look beautiful when I lose that weight,”… or “I am too skinny, I don’t have the ass to fill out that dress”….sound familiar? Don’t fall into the trap of waiting to wear the makeup, clothes, or jewels you want – dive in. Just dive into the makeup, clothing, and jewels that fit YOU and express YOU. There is no guidebook for you, take time to check out the silhouettes that highlight your best, colors that make you feel good, and fabrics that feel luscious.

Some of my New Year inspo in nourishment & adornment:

  • While I make my own skincare, most of the time, I crave different luxuries too. Plus, it keeps me up to date with the latest and greatest offerings so I can effectively advise my clients, and know that I am giving them the best advice and custom products. This year I splurged and went for the epi.logic Master Plan Collagen Renew Growth Factor Serum. The science of peptides and stem cells has finally made its way to skincare! Next best thing to the Vampire Facial.

  • Protecting my skin from sun damage in long leather gloves and retro-worthy hats. Plus with those hats, you can get away with washing your hair less in this harsh winter weather.

  • Giving up alcohol during the week, but if I desire a glass of vin rouge, I’ll spike it with herbs of schisandra and damiana for a skin-loving and aphrodisiac boost. For some liver support, I’ll also pop a milk thistle capsule.

  • Fasting for 12-15 hours, and breaking that fast gently with decaf coffee fixed with collagen, pearl, inulin and maca powders, and MCT oil. When it comes to fasting, work your way up to it, go easy on yourself, metabolic flexibility does not happen overnight.

  • Muscle training please, and less cortisol producing cardio. Who would have thought weight lifting could be so relaxing! No equipment is needed, just breathe steady and engage. I am now committed to three to four times a week in 30-minute intervals using only my body for resistance, bands, or small hand-held weights. Yes, those 1–3-pound weights count, just increase the reps!

  • I went for my first breast thermology appointment this year, and there was some breast stagnation. The kind of lymph stagnation that may be a telling sign of trouble to come. Using a mix of detoxifying herbal oils infused with poke and violet I have been learning lymph message, guided by the Book of Lymph written by Lisa Levitt Gainsley. I also enjoy some lymph moving teas, and wearing bras less (when I can get away with tit).

  • More magnesium please! In addition to magnesium supplementation, I am using transdermal magnesium oil from The Heart of Tradition to ease those muscles and tension at the end of the day. This oil comes in a glass bottle and is one of the cleanest on the fact all the oils I purchase (for external and internal use) must be in glass containers to avoid endocrine disruptors.

  • Perfume, before bed? *Sigh* An anointment in preparation of dreamland. A spritz on the neck and wrists. This year, I am going to bed with luxury and will wake up to luxury. In the morning a spritz of jasmine hydrosol to the face…and maybe some more perfume.

  • Catching up on my French…getting back to my mother tongue. If you need a refresh or want to learn a new language I really enjoy the Babbel App (also provides cultural insight). Engaging in another culture’s beauty, food, sounds, and pleasures is transporting. Have fun, and if you master that tongue, treat yourself to a beautiful trip!

  • Navigating the world of natural makeup can be hard. Get yourself a makeup artist. Violet Grey (my go-to for finding professional-grade natural products), and Westman Atelier – both have makeup artists you can book a virtual appointment with. Game changer!

  • When you are closer to 40 than you are 30 a good blush adds a youthful touch. I’m not taking powder blush reminiscent of the '80s, and I put down the bronzer long ago. I’m into a cream blush that is basically skincare and so natural it looks as though it's your natural glow. Hands down, the best ones I have ever tried are from Westman Atelier.

  • As far as beauty books ago, on my nightstand is the Your Beauty Mark, by Dita Von Teese…one of the best beauty books full of retro inspiration (because I love my history).

  • And if you missed it, Dr. David Sinclair just came out with his own podcast! Give Lifespan a listen if you are interested in preventing premature aging and disease.

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