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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Your skin is your largest organ, it also happens to be the first place where we show health issues. Reading your skin needs, fortifying it from the inside out, and protecting it will stop premature aging, infections, and other chronic diseases.


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  • Mineral sun protection. This is the number one measure (from the outside) you can take to prevent premature aging. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and slather yourself diligently with sunblock! Wear sunblock year-round, out-and-indoors (blue light exposure can accelerate skin aging too), in the rain, cloudy, or sunny conditions. It is also important to choose mineral sunscreens and stay clear from chemical sunscreens that leach into the bloodstream and pose a toxic hazard. Right now, one of my favorites is Eau Thermale Avene Solaire UV Mineral Multi-defense Sunscreen SPF 50+. I keep a bottle of sunblock handy in my car, purse, at home, and at the office.

  • Lymphatic drainage. Aid your skin in releasing toxins, get that blood moving, and nutrients circulating throughout the body. Use a dry brush for 5 minutes before jumping into the shower (better yet if it has some copper bristles). Use firm brush strokes; it may feel a bit harsh at first, but it should "hurt so good." An added bonus, it will remove dry and dead skin to reveal smooth skin. For more advanced applications, check out the Book of Lymph, to learn exercises to release bloating, edema, etc.

  • Light therapy. Increase your body's natural melatonin production (a master skin protector and sleep regulator) by getting 15 minutes of the natural sun/light (even when raining or cloudy) right upon waking or when the sun rises.

  • Self-message. Oil moist skin and massage yourself to increase circulation, hydrate the skin, and soothe nerves (so close to your skin's surface). Keeping the body well moisturized also ensures that: bacteria and viruses stay out; inflammation is reduced; puts an end to acne and rashes; and protects against environmental hazards and pollution that prematurely ages the skin. Want to learn how to make your own personalized skincare?

  • Water temperature. Refrain from taking showers that are too hot - get the water as cool as you can stand to avoid stripping the skin of moisture, or risking broken capillaries.

  • Clean skincare products. Choose skincare products and makeup that are toxin-free, and made with ingredients that will not clog your pores. To see where your skincare and makeup rank in terms of cleanliness check out the Environmental Working Group. I also stay away from facial care products that contain titanium dioxide, coconut oil, shea and coconut butters, and silicones because my skin is very sensitive and acne-prone.

  • Foods that protect the skin. I pack my diet with foods rich in Vitamin A which is key for tissue repair, cell turnover, regulation of sebaceous (oil) glands, and defend against UV damage - think foods like beet greens, sweet potatoes, carrots, collard greens, and pumpkins. I'll also make sure to get in foods rich in B vitamins that keep skin moisturized, promote DNA repair, keep hair and nails strong (even keep healthy hair color) and more - think foods like Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, asparagus, wild salmon, avocados, chard and free-range/local eggs. Stay clear from foods that promote premature aging, excessive weight gain, cancer, and chronic diseases like refined carbs, processed foods (just about all foods you don't cook yourself), industrial seed oils (corn, canola, vegetable, etc.), and sugar.

  • Exercise. Exercise is how we move nutrients throughout the body, and take out bodily trash (excrete excess and spent hormones, toxins, etc.). Healthy exercise and movement throughout the day will keep skin fresh, hydrated, and supple. It does not have to be anything too strenuous, simply going for a 10-minute walk after meals, and fitting in movement whenever you can greatly improve your health. Stuck sitting at a desk? Find a medicine ball to sit on and wiggle around, raise your arms above your head, create a makeshift standing desk with stacks of paper and books, get up for tea, or walk to say hello to someone across the office (whatever it takes!).

  • Sleep. Oh, and did I mention sleep? Build off of your good sleep habits created in Week 1 of the HW Spring Reset. To take it up a notch, to avoid wrinkles, sleep on your back and adorn your pillows with 100% silk pillowcases that are softer on the skin.

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