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Nutrition Edit: Try this, not that

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Ready for some healthier swaps? Put your health first.

Canned Tuna

Health threats: mercury and heavy metal contamination.

Try this instead: canned salmon (Wild Planet is a good brand); sardines; fresh-cooked haddock; freshly cooked fish cakes with sweet potato and herbs.

Peanut Butter

Health threats: peanuts are legumes that are hard to digest contributing to inflammation and weight gain, especially if you have a food sensitivity to peanuts; conventional peanut butter is often contaminated with mold; and peanut products contain high levels of carcinogenic pesticides.

Try this instead: organic nut butters like almond, walnut, and macadamia. Check the label, it should only contain the nuts, a bit of sea salt, no sugar, and no added oils (with the exception of palm oil if it is sustainably harvested). My go-to brands are Old Dog Ranch, Artisana Organics, and Barney Butter if you want smooth butter.


Health threats: uncooked or undercooked beans are goitrogens and interfere with proper thyroid function and are hard on the gut leading to inflammation.

Try this instead: soaking beans overnight for 8+ hours with seaweed and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, then cook beans for 6+ hours, better yet if they are pressure cooked. If you don't have the time, there is only one brand I trust - Eden. Eden bean products are processed with seaweed (no chemicals), organic, and pressure-cooked to ensure safety. Enjoy your beans in moderation.

**Note: kale is also a goitrogen, when consuming kale be sure to cook, do not ingest raw**

Wheat Products

Health threats: eating gluten and the resulting zonulin effect impairs the gut contributing to leaky gut and impaired immunity.

Try this instead: organic romaine or Boston bib lettuce wraps in place of a burger bun; cucumber slices in place of crackers; gluten-free breads from Coco Bakes LA or Base Culture; Simple Mills Bread mix; cassava or rice pasta; rice; squash noodles.

Conventional Condiments & Industrial Seed Oils (corn, canola, vegetable, soybean oils)

Health threats: heart disease; premature aging, and inflammation; weight gain; cancer; acne and other skin irritations; and GI issues.

Try this instead: oils of avocado, coconut, and olive; Primal Kitchen condiments including sauces, mayonnaise, and salad dressings; 100% grass-fed organic butter; lard from 100% grass-fed animals; organic ghee.

Conventional Diary

Health threats: pesticide and antibiotic contamination; food sensitivity; GI issues.

Try this instead: 100% grass-fed diary (Jersey cow A-2 casein products preferred); clean pasture-raised goat products; organic nut milks (except oat often contaminated with gluten).

The best way to avoid health compromising foods is to cook your own food. Many restaurants often use cheaper foods, industrial seed oils, and non-organic products.

**I do not receive endorsements of any kind from any brands - the brands listed are brands that I trust and personally use**

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This service or product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.**

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