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Spring Reset

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Join me for an 8-week health journey. April 1-May 28.

The only requirement is your dedication to your own health, courage, and commitment. Free and open to all. Just subscribe to the website to receive emailed weekly health plans, and join me on Instagram @hwapothicaire. Share your progress using the hashtag #hwspringreset

Are you looking to:

• Sleep better

• Lose weight

• Cancer prevention

• Diabetes prevention

• Gain muscle

• Reduce hair loss

• Reduce facial wrinkles

• Reduce cellulite

• Turn back the biological clock?

• Just want to look extra good in that bathing suit?


The initiation:

• Write down your reasons and motivations for your health journey

• Habit Stack. How might you build healthy habits into your current schedule?

It is a journey. Know there will be ebbs and flows, setbacks, and successes.

• Challenge and love yourself through the process – truly see yourself as you are now.

• Explore new health strategies, have fun!

The Journey Outline:


Strategies: building up to 9 hours of sleep, blue lighting blocking, herbal interventions, meditation, caffeine reduction

Side effects (all good of course): metabolic flexibility, bodily repair, improved cognition, stress reduction, reduced cravings, diabetes, and cancer prevention.


Strategies: mineral sun protection, lymphatic drainage, dry brushing, self-message, 15-minute sun-rise greet, hot-cold therapy

Side effects: increased energy, melatonin production, detoxification, younger-looking skin


Strategies: modify bedroom, clean fridge, drop toxic relationships, identify barriers, change social patterns, ditch processed foods, stock pantry, buy kitchen essentials, clean and organize the home, donate unused items

Side effects: decreased stress, improved sleep quality, increased immunity, ease in all health strategies, goodwill, reduce home pollutants, managed weight


Strategies: cut out food sensitivities, eat in-season (if able), choose local and organic (if able), chew food, eat non-stressed, 12-16 hour fast, let go of snacking, portion control, cut out gluten and corn, say goodby to cane sugar, let go of goitrogens, nightshades (if arthritis), include core supplements

Side effects: improved thyroid function, hormone balance, decreased inflammation, metabolic flexibility, cancer reduction, blood sugar regulation, clear skin, improved hair, and nail growth

Week 5 BONES

Strategies: weight-training and bone-loving herbs

Side effects: fat reduction, increased immunity, younger-looking skin, stress reduction, lymphatic movement


Strategies: have fun & play, explore spiritual text(s), find quiet

Side effects: decreased stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, improved happiness,


Week 7 MIND

Strategies: sympathetic to the parasympathetic mind, focus strategies, breathing techniques, eye yoga, sound therapy

Side effects: improved concentration, heightened senses, improved eyesight, reduction in brain fog and stress, build personal motivation


Strategies: self-love practices, challenge yourself, shadow work, create a long-term health plan, the Bucket List, financial plans, visualization, explore your purpose, visualization

Side effects: focused energy, healthy finances, improved self-esteem, confidence, happiness and focus on meaningful relationships.

To participate, follow me on Instagram @hwapothicaire and subscribe to to receive the emailed weekly health plans. Pass along to all who may be interested!

**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This service or product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.**

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