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Updated: Jan 11, 2023

This is going to be the most uncomfortable week yet in the HW Spring Reset. True transformation is uncomfortable.

Let go of habits, beliefs, doctrines, stories, myths, and the parts of religion and spirituality that no longer serve you. Don't search for the good or what you believe to be right - these may be informed by human knowledge that is lacking, biased, patriarchal, politics, and or trauma. Instead, let's be guided and search for the truth. Look for truth within your body, cultivate a deep knowingness of the limitless, connections to the divine that no words in a text could ever capture, and breath in the spirit of nature.

Find your deep personal truths by being curious, investigating, and exploring. Set aside quiet time (at least 10 minutes a day) to get back to yourself; to listen to your wants, needs, and passions. If it feels too uncomfortable just to sit there, engage in "busy work/multi-task" (something that does not require thought) in the silence like walking, knitting, folding laundry, etc.

If you are anything like me, I constantly fill my personal time with music, podcasts, TV, radio, etc. Instead, this week (with you), I am going to get comfortable with the silence so I can hear my spirit in the chaos of the world and listen to subtle cues of the universe I often miss.

Here are some journal prompts for this week:

Answer them all, a combination, select a few or come up with your own.

My calling:

  • I enjoy it most, and time goes by so fast when I'm___________.

  • What brings me happiness?

  • What would other people say my gift is?

  • Whose life do I envy most, and why?

  • What inner knowingness have I been repressing?

  • If I had no fear, what would I do with my life?

Divine spirit:

  • What are some of my most important unanswered questions in life?

  • If god(s)/goddess(es)/spirit exists, what are three questions I would ask?

  • Do I fear death, and why or why not?

  • Do I believe in life after death?

  • How can I cultivate hope and faith for resiliency?


  • Want do I want and what do I actually need?

  • Do I value experiences over things, and does this serve me?

  • What would I do in life if money were no issue?

  • What does being wealthy mean to me (and me alone)?

Spirit-body interconnectedness:

  • What do I feel most stressed about? What can I do to overcome this stress?

  • What is draining my energy, and how do I call my spirit and energy back to me?

  • What shame do I hold, and why and how might I overcome it?

  • How can I practice mental/spiritual self-care?

  • Do I repress my emotions? Emotions are valid, how might I better acknowledge them, and act on them in a way that will serve me?

  • How can I best listen to my body?


  • What does love mean to me, and how do I expect that to be expressed by others?

  • How do I express love to those I care for?

  • When do I feel lonely? Are there ways to connect to others in these times?

  • When do I feel most connected?

  • Do I feel guilty about family relationships? If so, how could I change this?

  • In your travels, what have I learned from people and cultures that enlighten me?

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