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Week 8 Self-exploration

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

This final week is about self-exploration – carrying forth patterns and behaviors that support good health, happiness, and support on this journey we call life.

Over the last eight weeks during the HW Spring Reset, there were ebbs and setbacks, successes, and breakthroughs. After all, your hard and joyous effort paid during these weeks, take the next 15-20 minutes to yourself to reflect on your progress: 1. What worked for you? 2. What did not work for you? 3. What did you learn about yourself?

SELF LOVE & CONFIDENCE: now is the time to banish your inner critic – let go of negative beliefs that hinder confidence and stand in the way of your true love for yourself. In Week 6 Soul Seeking we explored what brings happiness, purpose, and enjoyment. Now ask yourself, what would happen if I dropped everything and did just what I wanted to do with my life? If “people will hate me,” “my significant other will leave me,” “I won’t have any money,” “I will be alone,” “I’m not smart enough to do it,” etc. – come to mind – it's time to question and explore just where these beliefs originated, and the often fearful, false, and jealous buds it spawns from.

If you need to cut harmful relationships so you can love yourself – go ahead and give yourself permission.

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: mentors guide and nurture our talents, interests, and passions. Do you have a mentor? We are never too old or too young to have a mentor. Not sure where to begin? Often these relationships happen organically (so be open and receptive) – an advanced instructor takes you under their wing, a supervisor shows you the ropes at work, a professor supports your projects, etc. You might even sign-up for classes, and workshops, partake in a coven or community event and begin to build relationships with the seasoned pros and elders (have patience these relationships take time to nurture). While there is no substitute for in-person, real-time communication and feedback, if you find yourself isolated, and starved for time and money, podcasts and YouTube stations are a great place to start. Listen to conversations from experts in the field, and get their personal insight to round out perspectives you already have. Some podcasts also have memberships and Facebook groups to interreact with other members, and ask questions.

LONG-TERM HEALTH PLAN: hold yourself accountable. Make a daily, weekly, and yearly plan (detailed) on how you are going to keep yourself healthy. Build into your plans professional and personal strategies for growth, health check-ups and appointments, trips, social outings, and all sorts of fun stuff that make your life, well…. fun.

FINANCIAL PLANNING: come up with a personal financial plan. It is hard to be healthy when you are hemorrhaging money toward things that do not benefit you. You know, that sugary $8 coffee, subscriptions you no longer use, plastic trinkets made in foreign countries often discarded, and fast-cheap-fashion that is good only for one season…? Think of your money as your energy – if you worked for it, it is your energy! Spend your money wisely and where it truly makes you happy, you know, like fruits and vegetables, responsibly hand-made clothing, trips to places you have dreamed about…? Also, consider stashing 10% of your paycheck in your savings for lean times and emergencies.

Live well.

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