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What it means to work with me, a clinical herbalist


So, what is a clinical herbalist anyway?

I am a formally trained herbalist, specializing in clinic work to collaborate with clients one-on-one to address their health concerns holistically. I continually cooperate with other senior herbalists in the field, researching and investigating how best to care for my clients holistically. That means I am supporting my client's four pillars of health (stress, sleep, movement, nutrition) and formulating herbal remedies individualized to them.

What am I getting when I pay for a session?

I care for all my clients. When you book a session with me you receive:

  • A careful review of your 12-page Intake Form in which I spend 1-2 hours drafting your on-file initial client intake, organizing relevant information, and generating further questions for our session to gain clarification into your health situation;

  • A 60–90-minute session depending on the complexity of your health concern(s);

  • An email follow-up of our session, including detailed lifestyle modifications, herbal formulations, dietary information, and supplements with directions;

  • I do the “shopping for you” and choose high-quality products with your budget in mind. Links are provided for you to purchase online, or shop at your local stores. I am not affiliated with or receive endorsements for the products recommended.

  • A formal note to show your doctor and other healthcare providers (if needed) what herbs were recommended to you and the intention to increase transparency and avoid any potentially harmful drug-herb interactions;

  • Time and consideration spent answering any questions you may have following our session.


"My work does not end when the session ends – it is just a beginning."


Why is a follow-up so important?

  • There is no one-size-fits-all all, and some herbs that work for others may not work for you in your body’s current state - and I want to hear about it! This work is a collaboration, and by working together we can achieve success;

  • Your body and needs change! Often, we need to adjust the formulations as your body becomes stronger or when new needs arise;

  • Many times, clients have all good intentions and want to adhere to the suggestions provided – but roadblocks and barriers happen. That is life. Together we can adjust lifestyle patterns and address barriers together, to get you on the right path to good health;

  • Need help finding medical physicians that support your medical freedom and right to seek alternative therapies? I am not a physician – I do not diagnose or cure, but I am happy to refer you to someone who does and respects your decision to pursue alternative therapies and herbal remedies.


I am continually expanding my practice by working with diverse populations in a virtual clinic at H.W. Apothicaire, herbal experimentation, and devouring medical literature, herbal studies, and ancestral wisdom to develop personalized herbal and holistic interventions to improve one’s quality of life. To support the continuation of the Apothicaire and my ability to serve the community best, prices will increase in February of 2024. This price increase also allows me to serve those in free clinic who otherwise can not support my services.


If you are still curious, want further clarifications about the consultations, or to see if I am a good fit for you, you are invited to schedule a free 10-minute session. Just email Ashley at 

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